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Do you fancy a Team Building session?
Do you know you can use cooking and baking to foster team unity in a company?
Well, here we provide bespoke team building cooking classes which puts participants in an indoor environment away from heat and humidity of the outdoors but right in the hot stoves of a kitchen where participants can form a team with a mission to create culinary wonders.

Team work, good communication, recognition of skills apart from culinary skills is essential to overcome the assigned tasks. Participants will learn to work through each of their limitations to create a signature dish or pastry.

After getting their hands dirty, participants will be served lunch or afternoon tea.

For some, it is to learn a new skill whilst for others, it is pure rest & relax time. This is a great way for participants to bond with team mates and spend time away from work. Moreover, these classes help bring out the creativity in people who never knew they had any and some people begin to develop a new found hobby.

Our Team Building classes are interactive and fun and will produce measurable results by:

  • Learning how to achieve objectives
  • Improving communication and listening skills
  • Encouraging innovation and constructive feedback
  • Building trust and relationships and encouraging teamwork

Team Building Classes will be from Tuesday to Sunday.
Maximum Participant: 35 pax
For enquiries & more information, please contact us here.